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I stumbled across an unfamiliar word this evening – formicophilia.  Naturally being a bit of a wordsmith, I had to look it up as I was pretty sure it wasn’t related to having a particular unnatural fondness for 1960s formica dining room tables and was suddenly curious as to what it might refer to.

MOST of the time, having an enquiring mind serves one quite well in life and on other occasions,  (particularly since the internets have become such an intrinsic part of our every day lives) having an enquiring mind just leads to trauma and necessitates brain bleach.  This was one of those occasions.  But once I found a definition of ‘formicophilia’… and found myself predictably thinking, ‘Huh?’ and ‘Eww’ simultaneously, I then got caught up in a rather unfortunate WikiLoop on paraphilias.

Paraphilia – Corresponding focus of erotic interest
Abasiophilia – People with impaired mobility
Acrotomophilia – People with amputations
Agalmatophilia – Statues, mannequins and immobility
Algolagnia – Pain, particularly involving an erogenous zones
Andromimetophilia – Trans men
Anililagnia – Attraction by young men to older women
Apotemnophilia – Having an amputation
Asphyxiophilia – Asphyxiation or strangulation
Autagonistophilia – Being on stage or on camera
Autonepiophilia – Paraphilic infantalism adult baby syndrome
Autassassinophilia – Being in life-threatening situations
Autoandrophilia – A biological female imagining herself as a male
Autoerotic asphixiation – Self-induced asphyxiation, to the point of near unconsciousness
Autogynephilia – A biological male imagining himself as a female
Biastophilia – Rape of an unconsenting person; see also consensual rape fantasy
Breast fetishism – Breasts; also known as mammagynophilia, mammaphilia
Chremastistophilia – Being robbed or held up
Chronophilia – Partners of a widely differing chronological age
Coprophilia – Feces; also known as scat, scatophilia or fecophilia
Dacryphilia – Tears or crying
Diaper fetishism – Diapers; considerable overlap with paraphilic infantilism
Dendrophilia – Trees

parpaphilia sexual perverts fetish fetishismEmetophilia – Vomit
Erotic asphyxiation – Asphyxia of oneself or others
Erotophonophilia – Murder
Exhibitionism – Exposing oneself sexually to others, with or without their consent
Fat fetishism – Overweight or obese people
Foot fetishism – Attraction to feet
Formicophilia – Being crawled on by insects
Forniphilia – Turning a human being into a piece of furniture
Frotteurism – Rubbing against a non-consenting person
Gerontophilia – Elderly people
Gynemimetophilia – Transsexual or transgender women
Hebephilia – Generally early pubescent children
Homeovestism – Wearing clothing emblematic of one’s own sex
Hybristophilia – Criminals, particularly for cruel or outrageous crimes
Infantophilia – Pedophilia with a focus on children five years old or younger
Kleptophilia – Stealing; also known as kleptolagnia
Klismaphilia – Enemas
Lactophilia – Breast milk
Liquidophilia – Immersing genitals in liquids
Macrophilia – Giants, primarily domination by giant women or men
Masochism – Suffering; being beaten, bound or otherwise humiliated
Mechanophilia – Cars or other machines; also “mechaphilia”
Menophilia – Menstruation
Morphophilia – Particular body shapes or sizes
Mucophilia – Mucus
Mysophilia – Dirtiness, soiled or decaying things
Narratophilia – Obscene words
Nasophilia – Noses
Navel fetishism – Sexual attraction to navels – either their own or someone else’s

paraphilia sexual deviation perversion  kinky Necrophilia – Corpses
Objectophilia – Pronounced emotional desire towards specific inanimate objects
Olfactophilia – Smells
Paraphilic infantilism – Sexual arousal based on dressing/being treated like a baby
Partialism – Specific, non-genital body parts
Pedophilia – Prepubescent children, also spelled paedophilia.
Peodeiktophilia – Exposing one’s penis
Pedovestism – Dressing like a child
Pictophilia – Pornography or erotic art, particularly pictures
Piquerism – Arousal through penetration by stabbing or cutting the body with sharp objects
Pygophilia – Buttocks
Pyrophilia – Fire
Raptophilia – Committing rape, possibly consensual rape fantasy
Sadism – Inflicting pain on others
Salirophilia -Soiling or dirtying others
Scopophilia – Sexual pleasure derived looking at erotic objects, pornography, naked bodies
Somnophilia – Sleeping or unconscious people
Sthenolagnia – Muscles and displays of strength
Stigmatophilia – Body piercings and tattoos
Symphorophilia – Witnessing or staging disasters such as car accidents
Telephone scatologia – Obscene phonecalls, particularly to strangers aka telephonicophilia
Teratophilia – Deformed or monstrous people
Transvestic fetishism – Wearing clothes associated with the opposite sex
Transvestophilia – A transvestite sexual partner
Trichophilia – Hair
Troilism – Watching one’s SO have sex with a 3rd party, possibly without their knowledge
Urolagnia – Urination, particularly in public, on others, and/or being urinated on
Vampirism – Attraction to or involving blood
Vorarephilia – The idea of eating or being eaten by others; sometimes swallowed whole
Voyeurism – Watching others while naked or having sex, generally without their knowledge
Zoophilia – Animals
Zoosadism – Inflicting pain on or seeing animals in pain

So, after reading all that and confirming my solid Gourmet French Vanilla status… I leave it to you to decide if there’s a little something-something in there for you!   🙂

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