10 Little Embryos Sitting in a Freezer…

This is a rough list of most of the procedures I underwent while trying to get pregnant and have a family using IVF assisted reproduction technology. It is a deliberately clinical run down with no mention of the financial or emotional toll IVF had on our lives, our finances, our marriage or our relationships with our families and friends.  A good deal of these aspects of my IVF experiences has been documented elsewhere on my blog should anyone wish to read them.

I have ten embryos in the freezer… and I don’t know what to do with them.   🙁

20/01/00 Missed abortion
04/02/00 TSI 2 eggs (-)ve
18/04/00 IUI 3 eggs (-)ve
09/05/00 IUI 3 eggs (-)ve
16/05/00 IUI 5 eggs (-)ve
04/06/00 IUI 4 eggs (-)ve
13/07/00 Laparoscopy
21/08/00 TVEPU 15 eggs collected (14 fertilized)
23/08/00 Embryo Transfer 2 embryos (-)ve
08/09/00 FET 2 embryos (-)ve
01/11/00 FET 2 embryos (+)ve
25/06/01 LSCD – Live birth – Male 36.5 wks
04/10/02 FET 2 embryos (-)ve
04/11/02 FET 2 embryos (-)ve
09/12/02 FET 2 embryos (-)ve
13/01/03 FET 2 embryos (-)ve
06/03/03 TVEPU 14 eggs collected (14 fertilized)
10/03/03 Embryo Transfer 1 embryo to blastocyst (-)ve
02/05/03 FET 2 embryos (-)ve
04/07/03 FET 2 embryos (-)ve
10/09/03 FET 2 embryos (-)ve
14/10/03 FET 2 embryos (-)ve
12/12/03 Laparoscopy
20/12/03 Post-operative abdominal golden staph infection
12/01/04 FET 2 embryos (-)ve
03/03/04 FET 2 embryos (-)ve
28/01/05 TVEPU 17 eggs collected (8 fertilized)
31/01/05 Embryo Transfer 2 embryos (-)ve
02/03/05 FET 2 embryos (-)ve
11/04/05 TVEPU 20 (9 fertilized – ICSI)
16/04/05 Embryo Transfer 3 blastocysts (+)ve
31/05/05 D&C for Missed abortion
01/07/05 FET 3 embryos to blastocyst (-)ve
02/08/05 FET 2 embryos to blastocyct, and 3 TUI eggs (-)ve
07/09/05 TVEPU 15 eggs (15 fertilized)
09/09/05 Embryo Transfer 3 blastocysts (-)ve
02/11/05 FET 2 embroys to blastocycst (-)ve
01/01/06 Decision to stop IVF until Dad passes away
06/08/08 Missed Abortion

2009 – 10 embryos remain in storage

Total of 23 unsuccessful assisted reproduction cycles with a total of 61 implanted embryos that failed to develop into viable pregnancies.

embryo development frozen transfer

Terms explained:

TSI :- Timed Sexual Intercourse cycle – 10 days of Clomid to get eggs up, Injection of Profasi to cause ovulation

IUI :- Intra-Uterine Insemination cycle – 10 days of Clomid to get eggs up, Injection of Profasi to cause ovulation, sperm collected, cleaned up and replaced in top of uterus

Laparoscopy :- Removal of endometriosis, ovarian drilling to encourage follicular growth, tubal hydration to check for blockages.

TVEPU :-  TransVaginal Egg Pick Up – 19 days of Puregon self injections, Injection of Profasi, 35.5hrs later, follicles aspirated to collect eggs via vaginal wall, under general anaesthetic

Embryo Transfer :-
Transfer of fresh (unfrozen) embryos to uterus adhered with EmbryoGlu, 19 days luteal phase support by Crinone (progesterone) pessary

LSCD :- Lower Section Caesarean Delivery

FET :–  Frozen Embryo Transfer – Thawed embryos monitored to ensure cellular division, 14 days HRT, embryos transferred to uterus, 19 days luteal phase support as progesterone pessary.

Blastocysts :- Embryos that have been developed to a 8-12 cell stage instead of the normal 3-6… usually produces a higher incidence of conception.

D&C :– Dilation and curettage to remove non-viable foetal remains and endometrial tissue.

Missed Abortion:– Miscarriage, feotus failed to continue normal development.

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