Would you like lies with that?

 I had a very proud moment as a parent on the weekend.  The Small Child is studying space at school this semester (space and insects, not sure of the correlation but ours is not to wonder why) so I’ve acquired two seasons of a documentary series called The Universe. 

We’ve watched the episodes on The Sun, Black Holes, Mars, The End of the Earth, Jupitor, the Moon and on the weekend we’d jumped to an episode called Beyond the Big Bang.

About half way through the episode –

Small Child: 
If the world was made from the Big Bang and everything spreading out as the universe goes bigger… How did God make it in seven days?

I have no idea kiddo… but I’m very glad you asked.  🙂

I don’t know why we’re sending him to the expensive Catholic school!  What are they teaching him anyways…  tut! tut!
You just don’t get much bang* for your buck these days!
(pun intended)


*religious indoctrination

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