It’s not me… it’s you.

I’ve been rather quiet lately… quietly going mad I thought.  Until this morning when I discovered something rather interesting.  It’s not me who’s mad after all … it’s everyone else! 

You see, I went to the psych this morning and in particular wanted to discuss why I’m still suffering so much anxiety in the car, on the road, in traffic… what have you.  And after picking away at the horrible car related experiences I’ve somehow managed to live through (most of which can be found under my carz tags) she made a rather interesting observation.

Everyone – and that means you too – labours under the misapprehension that when they get into their cars to go about their day, they inherently think ‘everything will be okay’.  In honesty, statistically speaking, the odds are that – yes… most of your journeys will be uneventful and everything WILL be okay. 

But I know better.

When I get in my car I am fully aware that this is not the case… that things can go wrong when you get behind the wheel, and quite frequently do.  Additionally lots of those things that can go wrong are totally beyond your control.  Every time I get in my car I am literally waiting for the hammer to fall… again.  My experience tells me that these things don’t just ‘happen to other people’ – they can happen to me.  They HAVE happened to me.  They have happened to me FOUR fucking times in fact. 

My experiences have caused me to see through the delusion that the rest of you are sharing ‘that everything will be okay’ when you go for a drive.  Most of you are suffering under the same fallacious impression that ‘you’ll be alright’.  So none of you are anticipating any accidents or traffic or road dramas but it’s not true.  Getting in your car and driving is very dangerous but collectively, you choose not to acknowledge it and you’re doing it quite willfully apparently.  

So I ask – How do you recover the delusion once it’s been shattered by empirical fact? 

Tell me what you think