Oh……I can’t look!!!!

My house is falling down around me…. thank Christ they’re doing it on purpose!  The theory bit of ‘Hey!  Let’s build a rumpus room on the house!’ was cool.  Yep, no problems there… architecty dude to do the plan, structural engineery dude to design the footings, certifier dude to sign off on all the council required obligations etc…  Yep… no probs – all cool with that. 

The practical bit of ‘Hey!  Let’s build a rumpus room on the house’ is a little bit on the stressful side for some strange reason…. 

Imagine if you will an anal retentive home owner… the sort of person who sorts their cottons and pins by colour, their pantry all squared away by product type, their books by genre (then region and timeframe) and their CD and DVDs in alphabetic order.  Also, imagine this particular home owner as the sort of person whose 18mth old son had mastered the art of using coasters under his sippy cup and would (without prompting) arrange all the shoes by the front door in neat little pairs.  In addition to these particular weirdnesses, imagine the aforementioned home owner also arranges her clothes in her wardrobe by colour… has entirely different sets of cushions for her bed that match her various manchester sets… keeps her collection of Disney cartoons arranged in chronological order…  has all her friends heraldry imported to her iPhone for use as their particuar caller ID picture…  would happily re-purchase two seasons of The West Wing and three seasons of The Sopranos to have sets with matching covers… AND who uses a plastic table cover to protect the kitchen table top and THEN uses newspapers to protect the protective plastic cover if doing something potentially messy!!!  . 

Not a difficult picture I’m sure.  Add to all this, a tendency to physically twitch should someone have the audacity to SIT on her freshly made bed… a habit of constantly correcting the Small Child for putting his fingers on the walls…  an absolute inability to leave a coffee ring on the kitchen bench… a palpable discomfort when items in her room have been moved or altered in anyway…. and altogether, has a frequent air of discombobulation should ‘things not be quite right’.

….  and now….  take to her home with a sledgehammer!!!!

Yes, I daresay it is an understatement of the year to declare that I’m finding the practical side of ‘Hey!  Lets build a rumpus room on the house!’ somewhat disconcerting.    šŸ˜

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