I prefer yellow snakes and they’re always at the bottom of the packet.

I had a nightmare in the early hours of this morning.  Happens quite a lot when you take as much medication as I do.  Apprently the sedatives etc render you unconscious but you end up missing out on most of the proper REM sleep that you need because the drugs seem to inhibit it somehow.  So when the medications wear off your brain rapidly tries to cram in all the REM sleep that you’re supposed to be getting in like 45 minute cycles all night and when that happens… very vivid dreams right before waking not all of which are pleasant.

This morning I woke up feeling very anxious after dreaming about snakes.  I hate snakes (long story of bushwalking incidents as a kid).  In my dream we (my cousins and myself) were outside getting started on demolishing stuff to build the room extension we’re planning, when suddenly I saw a red and black striped/banded snake…. a very bright, vibrantly coloured red and black snake.  I went inside to the kitchen to get a shovel (shovel in the kitchen ???) with the intention of smacking it over the head.  When I got outside there was no one else there and the snake had trebled in size.  I was getting ready to strike at it when I saw that there was a whole nest of little ones that appeared to be coming out of nowhere.

I didn’t know which way to look or what to do and stood there helplessly unable to anything as they all rapidly grew in size and slithered into the house… and then I stood there rooted to the spot unable to go back into the house.  Which is where I woke up.

Go figure.

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