Makes forgetting the toothfairy look like a minor infraction…

I like to think I’m not a geek.  I have lots of geek toys and enjoy some geek type shows… but I don’t get the comic book thing, I’m not into sci-fi much or video games and I don’t really know that much about computers.   In fact I always find it a little alarming when really computer illiterate friends come to ME for advice and I think " You poor bastards that you’ve got no one more competent than me to call on for help!".  :S 

So when it comes to things like comic book / sci-fi / trading card games / video gaming / fantasy conferences thingies… well I’d line up for unnecessary root canal work than spend a day doing that  Which is okay.  Thus far I’ve never been forced to attend one and I don’t think my absence has been keenly missed by those of my acquaintance who do wish to visit these wallet emptying ventures.  Mr K and the Small Child went to Supernova today and I don’t think they missed me at all 🙂  I got a few texts though that were kinda weird…

Mr K:    There’s some guy here dressed up as Pedobear!
borys:  You’re not serious!?!? 
borys:   Did you get a photof of the Small Child with him on your iPhone?

Mr K:     LOL.  Ok … I’ll try.
borys:   Pay him if you have to!  😉


Apparently Mr K got quite a few funny looks from bystanders (as well as the guy in the Pedobear suit himself) but meh.  No one’s ever quite got my sense of humour anyway!   🙂

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