Whoops I’ve done it again….

Last month I cut our DL limit sooo close we were quite literally capped in the offpeak for a whole 24 minutes before it hit back to regular speed for the peak hours and I used that to within an inch of it’s life leavng a bare 145MB left when the month reset itself.  Oh my gawd thought did I get a drumming for it.  I got in big trouble because that meant Mr K was going to have to wait for his Lost episode… a whole day he had to wait.

And now I’m in big trouble again because I set something downloading and thought the scheduler was enabled (which it wasn’t) and I’ve nearly killed the DL limit again which means Mr K will have to wait a whole extra day for his Lost (second time in four weeks!)…. Oh no!  However will he survive!  Why ’tis a tragedy of epic proportions. 

Feel free to hang shit on him for being a Lost fan on Facebook etc (or should you wish, let me know and I’ll send you his work email address 🙂

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