‘R’ we there yet? ‘R’ we there yet?

I kinda went off list for a few weeks.  Well quite a few weeks actually.  I was working on my “R”s and quite literally could not come up with ANYTHING that I liked or found positive that started with “R”.  No doubt this is due to the rather less than stable state of my back over the last few weeks and subsequent emotional disquiet over same.

But… I’ve tried really hard to think positive which is often very difficult for one so naturally pessimistic as myself and this is what I’ve finally come up with:

List of 10 Things I Like That Start With “R”….

1.   Respect – people who respect themselves and other have my vote
2.   Rail travel – there’s something ridiculously erotic about trains
3.   Rammstein – two CDs got me from CBR to BNE
4.   Risotto – am a sucker for interesting risottos on a menu
5.   RACQ – so I never have to risk breaking a nail
6.   Reality Bites – No one can eat 50 eggs
7.   Red – must be growing up and leaving my pink phase behind
8.   Ruins – this series of small walls was where they plucked pigeons
9.   Rapunzel Barbie – she always had such beautiful hair*
10. Remember whens – there’s nothing quite like spending time getting together with a group of good friends and reminiscing over old times.  Laughing over shared experiences, shared opinions, shared innocence, shared humiliations perhaps.  Fondly remembering common acquaintances or perhaps not so fondly remembering common acquaintances as the case may be.  Good friends, good wine, good conversation – it’s the best.

List of 10 Things I Hate or Dislike That Start With “R”
1.   Relatives – you can’t pick your relatives carefully enough
2.   Random – current propensity for overuse of the term is irksome
3.   Road kill – especially when it looks like road puree 🙁
4.   Risk the board game – Noooooo!
5.   Roger, I’m frightened! – I’m a terrible passenger, so slow down.
6.   Roses – personally I prefer tulips (just not orange ones)
7.   Rats – in Mi kitchen… what am I gonna do? (not really)
8.   Ronald McDonald – creepy clown bearing food for children? hello?
9.   Roundabouts – no one seems to know the damned rules
10. Religion – it is impossible to calculate the heinous crimes and permanent damage done around the world throughout history in the name of religion… and unfortunately it follows us every day and likely will continue to do so.

Rapunzel barbie*Until you let a 7yr old at it with a pair of scissors…


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