How the “L” do I get out of here?

I’ve made my “L” list and was going to check it twice, but think it’s probably more interesting with my typos left in it 😛  No doubt… no doubt… there are many many grammatical errors every time I start bimbling along in here.  Yes strangely I think of this journal as being ‘inside the internets’ and it bears little resemblance (or effect) on my actual Life™.  Weird.  Anyway… “L”

List of 10 Things I Like That Start With “L”….

1.   Latex pillows of fantasticness and mattresses of fabulousness
2.   Lists – the latent anal retentive’s best friend
3.   Lingerie – love good quality lingerie but hardly ever wear it
4.   Lobster – fresh, no fancy sauces and eaten with your fingers
5.   Light photos – non image forming photos of light
6.   Literature – some books become ‘classics’ for a reason
7.   Lemon – lemon chicken, lemon ice tea, gelato, tarts/pie etc
8.   Libraries – the Bodleian in Oxford & Trinity in Dublin are amazing
9.   Leadlight lampshades – there’s a timeless romance about them*
10. LJ Feed –  it’s really interesting to see what sort of imagery people are adding to their journals… however it seems to be getting over run of late with lots of tacky porn.  If it was good porn I probably wouldn’t mind  😛

Trinity_College_Library_DubThe Long Room, Trinity College University 

List of 10 Things I Hate or Dislike That Start With “L”

1.   Lies, Liars, Lying – dishonesty hurts like a bitch.
2.   Love bites – hickeys!  yuk!  can you say ‘trailer trash’ kiddies?
3.   Lawyers – douse one in kerosene and put one on fire today!
4.   Long haul flights – love to travel but hate the getting there bit
5.   LiveJournal – gotta get a haircut and get a real blog
6.   Link – comes to town to save the Princess Zelda (ad nauseam)
7.   Luteal hormone support – Argghh! progesterone poisoning!!!
8.   Lending stuff – things never come back in the state in which they left
9.   Lines – Queueing is one of the banes of our modern existences
10. LoLCats – I loathe LOLCats which incorporate two of my pet hates… cats and bad grammar.  With one notable exception (where ceiling cat is watching you masturbate) they’re universally annoying.  So I fink yoo peoplz can haz yor damn LoLCats but pwease don’t inflict deez stoopid cat pichas on me enymoor!  It is beyond my understanding why some of my friends and family persist in sending them to me.  

*did I really just say that?  It doesn’t sound like me….

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