You might not know that I…

After all the depressing shit going on lately, I thought today I ought inject a little levity and write something nonsensical and unimportant.  So I’ve stolen a meme (as you do when you’re after something redundant or ridiculous to write about) from SnackiePoo cos she rocks.  Throroughly Trivial Thursday commences … now!

You might not know that I…

… wish I’d been skydiving before I fucked my back at 19
… sleep with my hair spread above my pillow so I don’t get caught up in it
… have bottles and bottles of perfume I rarely wear
… love the breathless way Marilyn Monroe talks
… have a tattoo of a fleur-de-lys on my right shoulder
… can’t stand working under daylight balanced bulbs
…  am unable to say no to a mango Weiss bar
… have a tendency to ‘write people off’ if they’ve wronged me or my family
need to keep my DVDs and CDs in alphabetical order
… have to arrange my books by topic, then height and size
… would consider homicide if I was promised a life without pain
… wear kids shoes and can buy designer sneakers dirt cheap
… never wear lipstick as it feel thick and suffocating on my lips
… have had five miscarriages and I try not to think about it
…  sort my clothes in my closet and on shelves by colour
… have several sets of dictionaries and thesaurus in the house.
… always wanted to learn to ride a motorbike
… feel deflated every time I see the small holes in my living room ceiling
… am hyperflexible which is weird for someone with a bad back
… have 650 wallpapers on my iPhone but have only used one* since I got it
… like my shower really hot to distract from the pain of standing still
… would love to live in France for a year or two
…  often feel that no one really gets me at all
…  have to wash my hands every time I get food on them when cooking
… feel disconnected and naked if I leave my mobile phone at home
… wish I could sing opera or play an instrument
…  don’t like using sunscreen because it feels greasy and disgusting
… never walk away from a disagreement or argument until it’s resolved
… used to hunt cane toads with my sisters when we were kids
… dislike jigsaw puzzles because I hate the disorder
have to buy pink toothbrushes for myself
… like my eggs sunny side up and yolks unbroken
…  feel pissed off when companies discontinue my favourite products
… love hunting for old books on eBay but hate expensive postage
…  hate it when I make grammatical errors because I can’t type as fast as I think
… want to have a beautiful cottage garden
…  like heavy marble bookends
…  have no respect for people who don’t mean what they say
… like kitchenware shops and always buy things I don’t need
… think that you can be in love with more than one person at a time
… always wanted to build the Small Child a proper cubby house
… like purple and red as a colour combination
…  don’t like low clunky windchimes but like light tinkling ones
…  hate using a kitchen knife if it has a greasy or slippery handle
… have had more general anaesthetics than I can count
…  refuse to take umbrage on someone else’s behalf
…  always try to accept people based on their interactions with me personally
… can always tell if someone has moved anything in my house
… like roast sandwiches smothered in gravy
… don’t like people (especially children) going into my bedroom
… love sex but the bump and grind often aggravates my back pain
… think I’d look good in convertible Mercedes painted Cherry Crush
… am fiercely loyal and protective to my friends and family
… can make crème brûlée but rarely do because it’s fussy and fattening
… used to be able to strip and assemble and SLR in under 45secs
… sort my pins, cottons and embroidery threads into colour groups
… have wanted to see the Maldives since I was in my teens
… don’t like coffee, coke or chocolate
… love my little boy so much I’d hate to ever leave him
… dislike cats enormously
…  have ten embryos in the freezer and don’t know what to do with them
…  don’t feel comfortable sharing my bed with someone unless I’m in it first
…  hate asking for help with things I should be able to do myself

 * it’s late…I might explain this particular weirdness tomorrow

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