Straight off the factory line… already cursed?

Since BigSal sideswiped my little car I’ve been trying to gently prod her to get the insurance claim underway.  I can’t book my car in for the repair until she has the authorization from her insurer.  I could have put a claim in with my insurer but then they’d just be claiming it back from hers anyway so I thought it would be simpler if we cut out the middle guy so to speak.

But it seems I was wrong.  I’ve cut out the wrong middle guy.  Instead of cutting out my insurer from the loop I should have been trying to cut BigSal out of the loop.  I’m pretty sure that if she hasn’t done anything about it when I call to ‘remind’ her next I’m going to have a few (more) choice words for her.

I have barely had this car six months.  Yes I’m quite proud to say I still have my license and Mr K’s prophecy that the car would end up stuck in the garage as I would have lost my license speeding has not come to pass.  But in that short duration, I’ve had a windscreen crack that I had repaired only to go 20mins down the road and end up with another rock hit the windscreen which cracked it so bad as to necessitate replacement.  I’ve had a strange ticking noise when steering at full lock which the maintenance guys said may have been caused by dirt on something (memory failing on that one) but which is still happening intermittently and now I’ve got the lovely damage from my delightfully un-co sister which has certainly taken the tarnish off that ‘new car’ thing.

So what’s next?

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