Don’t blame me it’s the stickers.


I nearly found myself in the middle of a road rage incident this afternoon.  I was driving back home from my Mum’s house and happened to be following this woman in a gold Camry.  We turned through three different intersections and she never indicated (ie ‘signalled’ for Yanks) her intentions at any of them.  So naturally, when the first opportunity arose, I went around her so as not to be following her non-signalling arse.  I admit I might have stuck the boot in pretty hard in order to do so and may or may not have exceeded the posted speed limit (looks skywards whistling innocently).

The fun bit though was when she caught up with me and we pulled up at the next set of lights (where it should be noted she was positioned to turn right and I was going straight ahead) and she rolled down her passenger window and said:

You idiot!  You went round me driving like maniac!  You could cause an accident doing shit like that!

To which I responded:

Really?  Well I only did it because I choose NOT to follow drivers who fail to indicate their intentions at no less than three separate intersections.

At which point she scowled and pushed the little button to wind her window up and turned her right indicator on.  Well, she started off strong and I thought I might have had my head bitten off by a middle aged lady with a butt ugly car, but she folded.  I am wondering if there is a moral to this little story?

"Follow the road rules and all will be well."  Nah … boring.

"Don’t overtake your fellow motorists at 30kpm over the speed limit"  Nope…. no fun.

Oh I know, how about….

"Don’t pick a fight on the road unless you’re sure you’re in the right."

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