Seventeen years ago today, a cab driver failed to stop at a stop sign…

August 28th 1991… Happy fucking Anniversary to me 🙁

Last week [info]shu_shu_sleeps from down south posted about having back pain.  Which I totally understand I left a wee comment of genuine (yet ultimately useless…. sorry) sympathy.  She asked me how I’ve managed to not become an axe murderer by now.  I don’t know about an axe murderer… but ‘heinous bitch’ is probably right on target  🙁 

Pain is usually your body telling you something is wrong.
Pain often makes us realize we need to slow down.
Pain is distracting because your body  hurts.
Pain can cause you to be irritable over little things.
Pain has most people reach for analgesics for a while.

But what happens when you go to your doctor and he does what he can… sends you to the specialist and then another specialist and another specialist.  And he prescribes suitable drugs and then more drugs and more drugs… but your pain doesn’t go away???  Well then you have chronic pain and chronic pain is another kettle of fish entirely…

Chronic pain is exhausting.
Chronic pain makes you try everything no matter how ludicrous.
Chronic pain drives your friends away because you have zero patience.
Chronic pain robs you of your sense of humour.
Chronic pain stops you from sleeping properly.
Chronic pain fucks with your concentration.
Chronic pain makes you less sympathetic to the temporary pains of others.
Chronic pain stops you doing things you used to love.
Chronic pain is inescapable.
Chronic pain makes you question how much more you can take.
Really bad and unrelenting chronic pain day in and day out might even find you absentmindedly researching on the internets for biologically friendly ways of opting out of your miserable existence that would leave your organs intact for some other poor bastard…

but mostly chronic pain makes you into someone you don’t want to be and you find yourself living a life you never wanted to have.

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