There should order in the universe…

I’ve always had a neat freak side.  I remember when I was a teenager and sharing a room with my sister, BigSal, it drove me absolutely barmy that she couldn’t or wouldn’t keep her shit tidy.  I was constantly arguing with her about it and frequently throwing her things back onto ‘her side of the room’.  I think I can honestly say I learn most of my conflict management/resolution skills (for better or for worse) in that bedroom.  I don’t think I know any kids that share a bedroom anymore… this is probably both a reflection on how parents let children rule the roost more these days (I know one famliy who gave their only child the master bedroom in their home because ‘she has so many more things than we do’) and no doubt also due to families choosing to have fewer children now than they did in the 70s.

ocd cotton reel collection
Give me one good reason why the drawer handles shouldn’t match…

So I guess the whole anal retentive, slightly OCD thing has been with me for a while and I am not sure if it’s anything to do with my extra ‘special’ (and I use the term loosely) and often convoluted medication regime.. but I’m noticing the things I do and find myself saying… is that normal?

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