Coffee… chocolate… coke… hmmm not so much.

The Small Child has free clothes day tomorrow.  In exchange they are supposed to each bring in a block of chocolate to donate to the school fete chocolate wheel thingy.  Sounded like a harmless enough plan and the proceeds all go to the fund raising for their fete so it’s all good right?

And that was my attitude towards the cunning plan until I went to buy a block of chocolate.  You see unlike a lot of the Mums that were at the linen party I went to Monday night (and here’s me thinking Tupperware parties were torture…don’t ask) who all said they would have to remember to send their kids off with a block of chocolate from the pantry, I had to go out and buy some chocolate special for this.

I don’t buy chocolate ordinarily mostly because I don’t really like the stuff.  I can feel the disbelief from here from all my chocolaholic friends but it’s true.  I don’t particularly like chocolate….. and that includes chocolate ice cream, chocolate biscuits, chocolate fudge, chocolate milkshakes and definitely chocolate cake!  Eyuk… chocolate mudcake is the worst.. I only have to have two teaspoons of the stuff and I’m madly looking around for water to wash down the taste. I’ve been known to receive boxes of chocolate as gifts for Xmas or for my Birthday and then find them unopened in the kitchen cupboard several months later which annoys the other chocolate eating members of the household 🙂

So anyway I had to make a special trip to the stores today to buy a block of chocolate for the Small Child to take to school tomorrow and you will not believe it but a family sized block of chocolate cost $3.99!!!  OMG that is like highway robbery.  I cant remember the last time I bought a block of chocolate but I had no idea it had gotten so damn expensive.  I was expecting it to be about $2.50 or so…  but $4 for chocolate!  I am surprised anyone finds the wiggle room in the family budget for the stuff.

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