Sooooo happy with my wash.

I acknowledge that I’m a shameless consumer. 

I’m an absolute Bowerbird who likes the shiny new toys and gadgets as much if not more than the next guy.  And like many others the world over I have a tendency to cheer myself up occasionally through the much maligned frivolous past time of Retail Therapy (so long as there’s a well defined shopping agenda :).  Usually I’m shopping for books – classic literature or reference books on art, history, heraldry, jewelery, embroidery, medieval research stuff and occasionally etymology. 

I’m also guilty of buying the odd bottle of nail polish for the same reason.  Sigh.  Okay… okay… I confess there must be in excess of 110 shades of pink and red in the box by now as I’ve a long established habit of splurging on nail polish after IVF disappointments or on bad back days and let’s face it, I’ve had more than my fair share of that sort of crap.    Reference books are easy to rationalize as they’re items that will give years of good use and nail polish is easy to rationalize too… simply by virtue of being a cheaper addiction than…. say… shoes.

But I think I’ve done my dash and very possibly destroyed any potential future retail therapy happiness from future shiny acquisitions in one foul swoop on Friday by obtaining a much coveted 3G iPhone.   This thing is so cool, so sleek, so beautiful and exquisitely designed.  It is the ’00s accoutrement of choice for technophiles on every continent and now that I’ve gotten my hands on one it’s not hard to see why. 

I am reminded of that Boston Legal episode where Jerry Espinson’s girlfriend and fellow Asperger’s sufferer Leigh Swift has objectophilia and she leaves him for an iPhone.  The rest of his co-workers don’t bat an eyelid and just say “She left him for an iPhone?  Well… they are rather sexy.”

‘Sexy’ may well be the understatement of the decade….  I spent half this morning pfaffing around updating contacts, playlists, photos and calendars etc to upload into the fancy schmancy iPhone and I was actually quite startled this afternoon when

 called me and I said : “Oh my God!!!  It’s a phone too!!!”


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