Hold the refried beans!

Went to dinner tonight at a little Mexican restaurant in Bulimba and was pleasantly surprised with the food.  There’s not a lot of choice in our general area for Mexican so we’ve probably ended up at Montezuma’s more often than they deserve.  The place we went to last night was called ‘La Quinta Mexican Cafe y Bar’ on Oxford Street and it was fantastic.  Dodgy quasi-Mexican decor but the food more than made up for it.

We had some delicious tapas for starters, fajitas for mains and some really yummy deserts – Mexican doughnuts for me and Chocolate Nachos for Yale…. yes Chocolate Nachos!  They were thin/flat nacho shapped chocolate sweet biscuits served with hot chocolate fudge and cream and ice cream and even though I’m not normally one for chocolate, I tried a bit and they were really good.

I’m definitely going back there again….. I wonder if they’d let us hold a Tequila Party there!  šŸ™‚

Angel’s first Tequila Party c2003.


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