Seven Dirty Words

George Carlin passed away.  He was one of those comedians that my Dad used to watch up late with my Uncle Dave when we were kids. Dad never let his ‘young ladies’ swear and there’s no way we were allowed to see any adult type shows on the tellie when we were little.  Sometimes we’d sneak down the hallway and lay low where we could see the TV but Dad and Dave would be laughing so hard they wouldn’t notice us.  I remember seeing the ‘Seven Words You Can’t Say on TV’ sketch – I’m not sure how old I was and I think it was from about 1976 but Down Under we were always so far behind the times I doubt it would have hit the TV when I was that little. I remember being wide eyed and going ‘Um-ah!’ at all the naughty words but mostly I remember seeing my Dad laughing his arse off with his lopsided grin and tears rolling down his cheeks 🙂


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