A messy desk is a sign of a creative mind….

Desktops covered in icons (useful, disused or otherwise) make me twitch.
They’re always lurking in the background and even though you can’t always see them…. you’re aware of their inherently malignant presence.   They hide underneath the programs you have running like insidious little dust bunnies that hide under your bed and whose sole purpose is to evade the vacuum cleaner and multiply when you’re not looking.

I hate them.  They remind me that I’m less organized than I should want to be…. and they seem to reflect the state of my house.  If the house is untidy my desktop tends to likewise be in disarray.  Why is it so?

And why can’t I just leave them there? Multiplying to their heart’s content?  In truth they’re not maliciously causing any tangible or particular injury to myself or others.  They’ve even been known to be useful from time to time… and yet I despise them so completely I’m constantly compelled to cull.  And it’s not usually because I’m finished with them, but rather because I can’t stand seeing the detestable digital detritus scattered all over the desktop! 

It’s normally right about when they start to overrun  “Rip-My-Still-Beating-Heart-Out-Of-My-Chest” Bear is when I start to really twitch.. which of course leads to randomly deleting the little fuckers or at the very least moving the unholy little bastards off the desktop in order to keep my sanity.

If the day ever comes when they start to invade my second monitor and  “It-Wasn’t-Me-The-Cat-Spontaneously-Combusted” Bear seems like he too might be overcome.. well… that’ll be the day they send for the little men in their white coats to come and take me away. 

Perhaps this quantifiable manifestation of my latent OCD tendencies is something I need to devote some time to with one of the multitude of allied health professionals who are supposedly monitoring my mental well being…

And while we’re at it, perhaps we might need to examine the rationale behind my having saved the image below to my aforementioned ‘creative’ desktop….   😐


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