I really must learn to take my own advice.

Late last night.
While we were all in bed.
Old lady Leary lit a lantern in the shed.
And when the cow kicked it over.
She winked her eye and said –
‘It’ll be a hot time, in the old town tonight!’
Fire! Fire! Fire!

Repeat ad nauseum gaining speed and momentum. 

Couldn’t get this out of my head last night when I was trying to get to sleep.  I have no idea why.  Some gin and tonics.  Cooked dinner.  Some red wine.  A few laughs.  A bit of Tramal.  Good friends.  More red wine.  Interesting  conversation.  Hot shower.  Some Valium… then off to bed with this ditty stuck in my head. 

One of these days I will learn to heed my own advice and refrain from mixing drugs and alcohol. 
I must not mix drugs and alcohol!!! 
I must not mix drugs and alcohol!!!

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