New steps! New steps!

I actually heard a new word yesterday…. admittedly one that won’t come out over the dinner table with any frequency, but I realized that it just doesn’t happen as often as it should.   Which probably means I’m not challenging myself with my daily reading material… given that lots of that reading material is on the internets, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

Only problem… too many “P”s so I can’t put it on the fridge.  It has three “P”s and my fridge magnet letter kit only has two “P”s..  It’s not like you can cheat and switch out a “S” with a “Z” or anything so I can’t put up any words with three “P”s… and now that I think about that…. there’s heaps of them… pepper, poppa, puppy, poppy, pepperoni, pappa, puppet, puppeteer, pipper, preppy, popper, poppet, propped, prepped and god knows what else.

Ahh….. have just remembered that I have another kit of alphabet letters in the Emergency Present box.  Maybe I’ll just have to keep them instead đŸ™‚

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