Said the Spider to the Fly…

Went to my biweekly torture session this morning (read physiotherapy appointment) and felt suitably loosened up and mobile enough for a while that I decided to brave the shops for a little poke around the post Christmas sales…. actually I was supposed to be popping into the shops to buy something for dinner tonight and some ham – normally Equinom brings me a Christmas ham, but with her being in South Korea this year I was ham-less and actually had to purchase one from the supermarket.  I bought a half leg ham that cost about $40 and which must have come from the most unhappy porker ever as it was positively awful… dry and tasteless.  I’ve never taken smallgoods back before but that one went back along with a demand for a refund.  But I digress….  I went to Carindale and left there with neither the requisite dinner  victuals nor the aforementioned ham!

I got happily distracted by manchester* and a booksale πŸ™‚  As an early birthday present to me (and in no small measure a blatant attempt to cheer myself up) I had purchased a new quilt cover to try and make my bedroom a little lighter and more feminine.  I found the perfect thing and bought a lovely Sheridan Milla vanilla coloured (not cream  mind you… vanilla 😐 ) damask quilt cover that goes with some lovely Sheridan vanilla damask sheets I bought last summer in the sales.  So today I found some absolutely essential but admittedly useless throw pillows to match…. and you don’t get any girlier than that! 

Before                                                                        After

I also stumbled on a book sale at DJs… 30% off!  How excitement!  πŸ™‚  Picked up a couple of unusual tomes to add to the collection of books I can’t concentrate enough to read right now  :S   ‘Orgy Planner Wanted’ by Vicki Leon and ‘Left Handed HIstory of the World’ by Ed Wright.


*(thought of Dr Nick throughout entire manchester shopping experience! πŸ™‚

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