Monkey see, monkey do.

I dont know how it happened, but I found myself down in the production warehouse today stuffing envelopes in the handline standing next to the Production Manager, the National Human Resources Manager, the Regional Quality Assurance Manager and the General Manager of the entire company! I have no idea how this came about. One minute I was upstair answering emails, and the next they had drafted everyone who wasn’t screamingly busy to come down and do some training monkey hand work – stuffing envelopes on the PDS line for a massive mailout for a large superannuation company that was falling behind and not going to make it’s deadline.

Actually it was kinda fun. We were all standing around in our nice work clothes … stilettos on some of the office women, and ties on the Business Development Executives, laughing and stuffing envelopes. It was an okay way to spend a few hours, but I certainly wouldn’t want to do it full time or anything. Stuff that! On your feet all day, doing the same thing over and over…. you’d go absolutely brain dead. And never mind the noise when the DLX machines start running… omg. No thanks…. don’t ever want to go there.

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