Brownie points for J.K.

Last week I put aside the book I am half way through reading to catch up with the rest of the world and find out where Harry, Ron and Hermione have ended up.   I have been in no hurry to read it, but am convinced that I am eventually going to inadvertently learn their fates whether I like it or not if I leave off reading the Deathly Hallows for too long.   Anyway, I am all of 194 pages into the book, and have to admit, that I am finding it a rather unremarkable thing thus far.  Not gripping enough to want to make you stay up and read long after you should have gone to bed, and certainly not engrossing enough to make me want to take it to work to read on my lunch break….  Then I read the following gorgeous sentence –

Dawn seemed to follow midnight with indecent haste.

When trolling through classic literature, you find beautiful sentences like this all the time….  truly elegant phrases that have a precision and succinctness that somehow transforms a seemingly commonplace observation into a beautiful poignant sentiment.  And while you expect these moments to occur with regularity when reading a classic novel… I am assuming (and I could be wrong here :)…  that it occurs less often in children’s books!   I was quite taken with this eloquent phrase….  it made me stop, reread the sentence a number of times… and then put the book down and walk off to do something else, for I am certain whatever  follows will seem a disappointment in comparison.  :S

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