Good heavens……

I’ve never been one of those Moms who sat around living vicariously through the ridiculously minure achievements of their toddlers.  You know the type ..

My Dylan is so advanced for his age… why he waked at 3 months old!

Oh that’s fantastic.  You know, Jessica was barely 11 months old when she could recite the alphabet!

That is amazing.  Little Braidon was maybe about 14 months old when he started programming the VCR, servicing the car, completing our tax returns.  :S

Nope never really bought into that.  In fact I always loved being in those conversations and saying ‘Nah, Angel is perfectly normal really, regular height and weight for his age, crawled right on time, got teeth about the expected time and well…. actually he was a little late learning to walk really…’   Stick it in your highly competitive arses ladies.  Can’t be stuffed playing that game.

Angel has always been an exceptional little guy in some ways though… freakishly physically co-ordinated compared to some kids – rarely ran into the furniture or rammed his toys into things and rather anal retentive when it came to putting his toys away in straight lines and using drink coasters with his milk cup before he could even talk (wonder where he gets that from!).

Well yesterday I decided his logic skills were far superior than what I might have expected for a kid of six.  Could be just cos I dont know many kids of six!  🙂   He saw this picture (below) and pointed to them and said “This one is wrong and this one is right!” and he chose correctly.  Turns out his teacher told them that the sun was at the centre of the solar system while I was away overseas a few weeks ago, and he was able to apply that bit of information to a couple of drawings he had never seen before….. it really blows me away how much they absorb even though they’re so young.  Hell, I know some 30 year olds who can’t remember what you told them last week… let alone be able to apply it!!!


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