Couldn’t give a shit Jones.

That mess at the Red Mosque is all over red rover and it finished exactly as everyone had expected it to…. with brute force and the instigators all dead.  I honestly just don’t get it.  Maybe it’s cos I lack conviction…..  I have no overwhelmingly strong beliefs in anything for the most part – and I especially don’t have any burning verve on the political or religious fronts.   I have always thought was what made me intrinsically a fairly accepting and not overly judgmental kind of person…. and am fairly tolerant of how people chose to live their lives…. but maybe the truth is that lacking conviction just makes you apathetic. 

I certainly don’t have enough faith in anything that I feel strongly enough about it to want to die for it.  Cant imagine any scenario where martyrdom could possibly be more appealing than … oh say…. living.  😐   I have only a handful of very religious friends and I vaguely remember a time only a few years ago when in some ways I used to envy them their faith…  maybe it is cos I’d certainly like to be able to believe that the things that happen in our lives occur according to some grand destined plan, rather than what I have an inkling is actually the way it rolls out… that there’s no one/thing out there that actually gives a fat rats arse whether we even so much as continue to exist tomorrow, let alone worrying about our eternal well being and happiness.

Religion has always been the time honored method of controlling the populace when the law was either distant or ineffectual… shrug… but now we live in an environment that legislates every tiny little thing in our lives, right down to where a man’s dog can take a crap…. is there any real point to….. 

… fuck it… i really don’t care!  Who am I kidding… I wouldn’t even be reading these articles if MD wasn’t there. 

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