Last Minute Observations from Istanbul

Some cool and uncool things about Istanbul  🙂

.    There are no bins in this city anywhere… and yet the streets are mostly quite clean!
.    I can’t bring myself to have a shower of more than 3-4 mins even though there’s no drought here!
.    Can’t stand haggling in the bazaar… am glad at home the price is just the goddamn price.
.    It’s strange to see women covering their heads in religious piety yet walking down the street hand in hand with their beaus.. wasn’t expecting that.
.    No one here seems to take Visa and no shopkeeper can ever break a YTL50 without theatrics.
.    Filletmignon with mushroom sauce does not translate and is actually some ghastly cheesey white sauce mushroomy thing on cardboard steak…..  :S
.    You can buy g-strings in the supermarket, yet 45% of Turkish men think it’s okay to beat your wife.
.    Stray cats here seem to travel in pairs – Toxo and his mate Plasmosis….
.    Those strange little tubs are not milk…. they’re watered down yoghurt!  Bleurk!!!  All yours Dr Nick.

I am sure there is more but the internets cost too much around here…. hopefully there will be a ready supply of internets around the countryside….

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