Old photos for Dad

I’ve been looking for old photos to scan in and send to my Dad.  He has a ‘My Pictures’ slideshow set as his screensaver.  And from what I can make out he really enjoys seeing all his memories flashing up on the screen.  And look what I found in the back of an old photo album!  It was taken in the back yard at my grandparents house in Toowoomba…. I’m about  18 mths old, and Big Sal would be nearly 3.  Still looks just like us.  🙂

toni laver robyn boyer

Tomorrow, BigSal is taking him to see if he can try out an eye controlled mouse device so he can regain use of his computer.  Since losing so much of his neck control, the laser keyboard hasn’t been of any use to him anymore, so it’s been quite a while since he’s been able to get online.  Hopefully this ERICA computer thing will be useful… only drawback is that its about  AU$10K to buy, and he’ll likely only get a few months use out of it.

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