Quiet Day at Home

Mr K took Angel out and about for most of the day, so I’ve been working on my ‘broidery. It is coming along quite well, but I am really paying for it – my back give me plenty to complain about when I’m too sedentary for too long, and it is absolutely howling at me now.

www.threegoldbees.com lovers purse

The laid work is a lot quicker than the split stitch, but strangely enough a helluva lot fussier and less forgiving. If the lattice lines are a bees dick out – it looks terrible, so I’ve done a lot more unpicking are replacing of stitches on the background then I did on the main figures. I’ll probably need to get some bigger frames to continue around the outside.

I’ve been staring at it so long now – that I’m suffering a weird visual perception anomaly… i can see a lattice laying over my field of vision and it’s rather disconcerting!  🙂  Especially on this LCD screen!

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