Midwinter Coronation – Southron Gaard

Greetings to the Populace!

We would like to take an opportunity to introduce Our Royal Household who have kindly volunteered to assist and support Us over the coming months. On the website is also Our current proposed Royal Progress, which will be updated as more details come to hand.

For stewards and administrative matters, We would draw particular attention to the contact details for Our Chamberlain – the most generous and capable, Countess Engelin Teufel, who can best be contacted via the [email protected] email account.

While we understand there will be occasions where Messenger contact will be necessary – His Majesty, in particular, has specifically requested that people please be mindful of the hour when using private messaging as a method of contact.

In the meantime, We want to extend a warm welcome Our Royal Household and We encourage the Populace to consider Our Progress as We look forward to seeing many of you over the coming months.

King Niall and Queen Sabine