The art thieves, they come in the night.

Last night I had the worst night’s sleep I’ve had in ages, as I tossed and turned until nearly 2am.  Not to mention the weirdest dream as I woke up at 6:30am…

Myself and my friend Crumpetty were stealing a whole pile of art from a Veronese art museum, I have no idea *how* I knew it was a Veronese art museum, because as it happens I have never been to Verona!  But we were definitely cleaning out a Veronese art museum of all it’s decorative art pieces – statuary, antiques, reliquaries and things, but no paintings.   We were putting it all into a courtyard at my old high school to put on display – yes stealing it to put on display for the public to view, pretty clever art thieves, huh!  There were no authorities to be found anywhere and Crumpetty and I were just discussing the merits of each piece we were stealing and how much we liked them, or not.

We had our burly male friends carrying heavy marble statues out of the musuem and another arty friend Danzig was there, telling me there is a whole cult of women who absolutely adore this one particular statue of Io (of Jupiter and Io fame) that we were stealing – he was a huge reclining marble Io, with a gold helm and spear?! and we were taking him out of the large sandstone museum in Verona on one side of the road and putting him down on the other side of road in a courtyard in Australia.  And another friend, Surly, was casually walking across the road with Cellini’s Salt Cellar, telling people he could make one just like it, and it was just sooo bizarre!

My mother was also there and she was all jealous that I had seen crazy Roentgen’ Berlin Secretary Cabinet at the Metropolitan of Art, and wished that she had seen it while she was there too?!?  And then I woke up!

And the weirdest thing about all this… to the best of my knowledge, none of these pieces are in museums in Verona.


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