Fuck chronic pain. With a rake.

One of the worst things about chronic pain (other than, you know… being in pain 24/7), is the predictability of my inability to sleep more than 5-6hrs a night.
I force myself to stay up until midnight most nights so I wake between 5-6am. Which of course is still an unseemly hour to be rising when you have no morning commitments. But when I’m stupid enough or so tired I can’t keep my eyes open and foolishly try to sleep early… I’m awake at 3am. Which. Really. Pisses. Me. Off.
Sigh. End result is that I haven’t had a single decent night’s sleep since 2007 so I’m chronically sleep deprived as well as I’m pain all day. Yay.
And people wonder why I come across like such a short tempered bitch sometimes.


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