Somewhere over the Rainbow… Dildo.

Last week a friend sent me a picture of yet another ‘novelty’ butt plug, this time with a political theme (posted here: Butt wait, there’s more) which I take as fair and just retribution for spamming everyone with the My Little Pony Fleshlights and the story of the Door Stop Butt Plug lately… but seriously?  Am I to become everyone’s Go To Gal for every weird sex toys and erotic paraphernalia from now on?  Because honestly, I am not searching for this stuff, I’m not stumbling on this stuff… you lot are sending me this stuff now!

I’m starting to feel some sort of perverted consumer product reviewer who gets sent random sex toys in their (e)mail so they can ‘Try it and share it with your friends!’.

Here is the latest offering – a 3D printed DIY Rainbow dildo/vibrator complete with flashing lights and brown-chicken-brown-cow soundtrack:

Actually, I think it’s kinda pretty… anyone got a friend with a 3D printer?

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