Ticket dream

Had a bad dream this morning…

I was leaving Carindale shopping centre ON FOOT, and had to hand my car park ticket to someone in a little booth in order to leave.  Not sure whether it is noteworthy or not, but there are no little booth bitches at Carindale shopping centre… just machines where you stick it in the slot?!

Anyway, I found myself in an argument with the booth bitch, because I didn’t have my ticket… it was somehow at home?!  And she was insisting that I retrieve my ticket in order to be allowed to exit the complex ON FOOT and for some reason not seeing that in order to retrieve said ticket, I needed to exit the complex!  I tried logic and reason, then switched to wheedling and cajoling, then switched to abuse and accusations.  The whole thing was absurd!  I was getting so wound up and pissed off at this officious and ineffectual, intellectual Lilliputian for insisting I get my ticket to give to while whilst simultaneously refusing to let me leave in order to get said ticket!

Eventually I turned on my heel, went to an entrance to the complex (walking past several places of direct and easy escape!?!), fetched a new ticket from the entrance machines and walked back to the booth bitch handing her a ticket time stamped just a few seconds earlier, at which point she happily did her thing and let me walk out.  Go figure.

Reminds me of the day I had trouble with the Nasty Arse Power Mongering Dumb Ass Bitch of a carpark Nazi in Roma Street when I was working for The Devil.   Situation was just so nonsensical, it defies description.car park booth nightmareWoke up feeling awful, teeth clenched, ears hurting, hands in fists, muscles all tense.  Strangely enough while there is explanations up the wa-hoo for dreams with associated feelings of being trapped or sensations of futility… I couldn’t find any online dream analyses for Nasty Power Mongering Dumb Ass Car Park Booth Bitch nightmares.   😛


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