Who were you in Elizabethan England?

Haven’t seen a lot of these quiz-memes things over recent years… maybe I’ve just been avoiding them.  But this one piqued my interest.  Answer a few banal questions and find out which person from the court of Elizabeth I of England answered the same way you did.  Nah, I can’t back that up.  It’s actually just a bit of fluff and nonsense, but I’m bored so, why not.   And… drumroll please!

elizabethan noblewoman elizabeth vernon

Oh damn.  I was so hoping I’d be some obscure scholar who lived and died in abject poverty far away from the head of the body politic, and leaving very little trace on the world… perhaps I shouldn’t have answered those questions about what I would do, should I find myself in possession of important state secrets, so honestly.

Elizabeth Vernon, Countess of Southampton – not to shabby.  Apparently she was a chief lady in waiting to Elizabeth I and known for being ‘demure’ of character… all evidence to the contrary from her rather fashionable and bejewelled, flamboyant portrait:

elizabeth i noblewoman countess southampton elizabeth vernonElizabeth Vernon, Countess of Southampon, unknonwn artist c.1595

And here is the LINK to the quiz thingy if anyone else finds themselves bored and half drugged on a Sunday morning and without enough cognitive function to indulge in anything more taxing…

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