More Punctuation for the People!

Because in general people have such a fantastic grip and demonstrate excellent deployment of the punctuation we do have… even more options can only be better of course!  No seriously, some of this could really come in handy.  I mean, the Andorpersand?  Who doesn’t need one of those every time they sit down to do some recreational academic writing?  And the Sarcastices?  Wouldn’t they make communicating via text, email and online chat sooo much easier!

Bring it on!  More punctuation marks to meet the every changing needs of an ever evolving language in an ever changing and increasingly complex environment.  😛

andorampersand sacrastices sinceriod  mockwotations

3 thoughts on “More Punctuation for the People!

  1. Did you know about the ‘interrobang’? One mark to replace the ‘?!’ when you want to convery shock and a question in the one tone. Consider:

    How much does that cost? vs How much does that cost! vs How much does that cost ‽

    Interesting article, I enjoyed reading it. ꜙ

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