Happy Australia Day

We’ve never made a big fuss of Australia Day in our house.  Don’t want to get dragged into the Discovery of the Country vs Invasion Day debate.  Don’t always go in for big parties or BBQs to mark the occasion … but always love the long weekend and an opportunity to hang out with family.

When I was a kid I think we spent plenty of Australia Day weekends hanging out at Straddie doing very Australian things – fishing, swimming in the surf, building sandcastles and going 4WDing up the beach.  I don’t really get to do a lot of these things anymore with my stupid chronic back pain which is sad because it means my son has never been fishing!

But Mr K saw this on the front page of news.com.au this morning and even though Australia has heaps of amazing wildlife, otters aren’t among them.  Love this image  🙂

Happy Australia Day however you’re spending it, I hope you’re spending it with the people that you love.

australian otters news.com.au

PS:  Otters are totally cool!


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