Hurricanes, Homosexuality and Hocus Pocus.

The British Museum has an exquisite woodcut in their current ‘Shakespeare Exhibition’ which depicts four witches concocting a spell to create a huge storm at sea –

british museum shakespeare exhibition hurricane sandy

James I believed the witches were trying to conjure up the storm to kill him by sinking his ships!  Such evil forces in the world back then.  And obviously there’s evil forces at work today too…

For Hurricane Sandy is no normal hurricane or cyclone or post-tropical cyclone or just plain old storm.  Labelled the ‘Mother of All Storms’, ‘A Monster Storm’ and the ominous sounding, ‘Frankenstorm’ – it can’t be the result of something mundane, rational and scientific like global warming or climate change.  Can it?  No, far more likely that there’s medieval witchcraft at play here.

Or, we could take the word of John McTeman, a well known wack job fundamentalist Christian preacher, who claims the storm is more proof that “God is systematically destroying America” as punishment for the “homosexual agenda”!!!

It’s up to you people… Is this ‘once in a generation’ monstrous storm the result of – Climate Change?  Medieval Witchcraft? Or… the Democratic Homosexual Agenda?


Tell me what you think