Call me Sisyphus

Can the Department of Housing and Public Works do anything right?  Exactly one hour ago at 13:37 and approximately 18 hours before we are due to go to court to deal with the impending eviction of our dead shit neighbour (affectionately known as Daleyacunt)… Mr K gets a call from a Senior Housing Officer at the Capalaba Housing Office advising us that it would be adviseable to have an affidavit prepared to enter into evidence tomorrow in case the Magistrate didn’t feel like calling us to give direct verbal testimony.

18 hours notice. Thank you… you useless, ineffectual, goodfornothing administrative droogies.  Don’t you think this is information you could have provided us with two weeks ago when the court date was set?

Then instead of spending the night writing an affidavit outlining all the domestic abuse and violence, child safety incidents, verbal altercations, police call outs, threats towards our persons and willful damage to our property… I could be spending the evening pretending to be productively working on my Latin assignment that is due Fri morning.

If it’s not one thing, it’s another. 🙁 Why does my life feel like I’m always pushing shit uphill with a shovel?

Dept housing public works ineptitude

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