Awesome Strawberry & Lime Rekorderlig Cider Cupcakes

Some girlfriends of mine came over to do some baking on the weekend… yes I know.  When people think of me they immediately think of the culinary arts (*scoff*) but Girl’s Baking Day it was and we had a ball.  Started out with champagne before breakfast which kinda set the tone for the day.

We made a few things that I’ll get round to posting up over the next few weeks.  But my favourite recipe from the marathon bake off was the Strawberry and Rekorderlig Cider Cupcakes.  And can I just say they were absolutely delicious.  Not too sweet, just a touch of tang from the cider and the lime in the frosting and light and fluffy as all shit.  Highly recommended, big thumbs up from our house!  I am not sure where my friend got the recipe from but I have a copy so I’m going to copy it out here for safe keeping….

baking girls day kitchen aid cooking recipe

Cupcake Mixture
4 eggs
200 gms butter (softened)
600 gms caster sugar
750 gms self-raising flour
250 mls Rekorderlig strawberry-lime cider, about 1/2 a bottle
24 cupcake liners

Cream Frosting
500 gms cream cheese
500 gms icing sugar
1 punnet strawberries for decoration
2 limes

Cupcake mixture method:
Preheat fan-forced oven to 180C
Place butter and caster sugar into mixing bowl and mix on high speed.
Turn down to low speed and add eggs one at a time, until combined – don’t over mix.
Add flour and cider and mix on low then high speed (using spatula is needed).
Put mixture in liners and bake for 15 mins or until cupcakes are “springy” to touch.
Remove cupcakes and let cool.

Cream cheese Icing mixture method:
Place cream cheese and icing sugar into clean, dry mixing bowl.
Mix on low and then max speed until combined.
Add lime juice to taste.
Add some green food dye to get a desired colour.
Pipe onto cold cupcakes and decorate with half a strawberry.

They were absolutely delicious and I bet I’ll be making it them again before too long.  🙂

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