Coffee appreciation.

Four score and twenty years ago…

Well not really. Actually I don’t know how long ago, I’d have to go hunting to check…

*on hold music here*

Okay… two and a half years ago, i bought Mr K an espresso machine and I love it now as much as I did then. Which is to say I loathe it’s toadlike appearance in my kitchen as much as the stench and foul coffee drips that accompany it. What was I on about again? Oh yeah. Well, they are still selling the same model believe it or not. You’d have thought they’d have come out with one that has a glow in the dark milk frother or something equally unnecessary and frivolous to encourage rabid consumers to upgrade by now but surprise surprise they haven’t. It’s on sale at the moment at Myer… for the fantastic price of $719!

That’s the sale price people…. and here is the link to my purchase experience over two years ago for $530. Now if computers and TVs and DVD players and fans, and furntiture and all good things are all coming cheaper as time goes by… why is this coffee machine getting dearer?

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