Coffee and headphones and laundry… who cares?

I’ve had this song stuck in my head for about two days now…. and it’s not going away!  So I thought the best thing one can do in these situations is to share the love pain.

On a totally unrelated topic – I want to find some decent noise inhibiting/noise cancelling headphones suitable for air travel etc but am unsure which ones would suit best.  Thinking of these – Sennheiser CX300 II…. but have no idea if they’re what I need.  I have very little ears which I guess is weighing into the equation too 😐

And on further unrelated crap – I went and did some laundry today and in the process noticed how filthy the laundry room itself was.  I know not how one can expect to clean things in a room that is in itself utterly covered in dust and yeurk.  So being the little OCD freaker that I am I washed down the washing machine, dryer and sink, cleaned the shelves, washed the door and started in on the walls before being forcibly stopped.  But now I feel like my eyes are falling out of my head and my back is going ‘oh-dear-god-what-the-fuck-was-she-thinking’!?!?!  So not good… extra valium for me tonight.

Tell me what you think