Me? Moulding young minds…. how alarming!

I’ve been contemplating going back to school… again.  Hopefully this time to study something slightly more useful.  Not that having a degree in Visual Arts is useless – it’s just the major in Photography that isn’t particularly well suited to someone who isn’t really capable of lugging around heavy equipment or being on her feet all day.

So I’m looking at going to do a Post Grad Diploma in Education so that I might be let loose on the unsuspecting and malleable local youth.  Likely teaching (strangely enough) Visual Arts and err…. something else?  The Dip Ed requires you to have two areas of speciality and my previous studies are extremely focused on arts and photography so I’m not really sure how I’m going to extract a second field of focus from that.

I’d like to be looking at English and/or History as other areas to study and subsequently teach but my degree has actually seen me do a lot more Chemistry and Physics than English and History.   Yes….. once upon a time you needed to know a LOT about chemistry and physics to be a photographer – but this was back in the days of wet film and cameras that didn’t know how to take pictures than you do

Conversation circa 1998 –
Mr K – Whatcha doing?
Borys – Studing the size and frequency distribution of silver halide particles in photographic emulsions and it’s affect on sensometric characteristics for Photo Theory (or some such shit).
Mr K – Why do you need to study chemistry to do photography??
Borys –  *strares blankly*  Are you serious?

Yeah well, back in the Old Days™ we had these things called Dark Rooms where we used to spend hours and hours puddling around in carcinogenic chemicals to make pretty pictures – none of this…. point… shoot… plug it into your PC… et voila!…  crap.

Anyway I’m pretty sure I will need to do some further independent coursework to be able to teach English or History… unless they are happy to pretend that several units of Art History subjects are like Real History subjects.  But we’ll see – I’ll have to go and see them next week…  maybe I’ll get to do some funky literature subjects and can re-use yesterday’s "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" book report!  🙂

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