Red mushrooms are good for you.

Had a rather strange dream last night…

Up the street from where I grew up is the Terminus.  The Terminus is a strip of shops which sprung up along side the old tram terminus stop in Carina.  The shops were very practical initially  – butcher, banks, bakery, newsagent, pharmacy, fish and chip shop,  habadasherer etc…. but once the trams disappeared and most people drive to the really large shopping centres for their groceries etc the Terminus shops underwent a change.  The butcher closed, the habadasherer closed and so on and so forth eventually most of the street became over run by real estate agents.  Lately a few weird shops have turned up there… a swordmaster (selling recreationist gear) and more recently a tattoo shop.  I’ve been meaning to stick my head into the tattoo shop when it’s open to see who was there as when I went past there a couple of weeks ago (when it was closed) and I saw a whole pile of GD tattoo flash on the walls…. Gary was an old friend who did two of my tattoos back when I was in my teens.  I haven’t seen him for years and would really love to catch up with him again.

Anyway in my dream I was up the Terminus looking for new houses – because that is where all the local real estate agents are!  I was looking for a new house because the air con in our house is causing some watermarks on the ceiling (condensation from the fairly extreme humidity here)  and in my dream, rather than get someone in to remedy the watermarked problem, we had decided to sell the bloody house instead and move to Canberra ?!?!  Go figure.  

So I’m window shopping for a new house to buy in Canberra at the Carina shops (!?!?) when I decided to go into the tattoo shop which was open (every time I’ve actually been past it’s been closed).  I walk in the door and my old fried Gary is there and we greet each other warmly and spend a few hours chatting.  While we’re talking he changes the mushroom tattooed on my right foot from being a purple coloured mushroom proper (kinda) into a red coloured mushroom that looks like a Nintentdo Mario mushroom (obviously there’s been too much Wii in the house since Christmas).  We’re talking away and suddenly he says: "Do you remember when I asked you to marry me?" and I replied fondly with a smile "Yes I remember that very clearly… and I also remember the Corvette sized engagement ring!"  He suddenly got down on his knee and looked at me very seriously saying "I still have your Corvette Borys if you want it… and me."   Very strange.

Back when I was 19, Gary proposed to me and in lieu of a traditonal engagement ring he wanted to give me his 1972 Corvette Stingray because he thought "I’d look great in it".  Anyway in my dream after his comments above some time seemed to pass though I don’t recall with what or how long… but suddenly I was married to Gary and he’d taught me to do tattoo work and we were working together in the tattoo shop and I was practising on all my friends when I woke up.

Tres strange …

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