Yesterday… seems so far away.


So after yesterday’s drama I was totally not expecting to have a very good day with the family today.  Everyone was pissed off and tense over the phone yesterday and I couldn’t foresee any way in which everyone would be able to put their crap behind them so rapidly as to be even civil to one another.

But I think I totally underestimated everyone’s desire to at least make a pretense of playing happy families…. because they all arrived at 0700 and once coffees and some yummies were dispensed, the gifts started to roll out (in a sedate and orderly, one by one fashion :S) and all seemed well with the world.  Gift deployment started at 0730 and took until approximately 1030 by which time I had already buggered off to start lunch (thankfully my Mum was here to help with the food side of things).

Amazingly we had an ok morning, each of the kids scored more Christmas presents in one sitting than I had been given in my entire childhood (as they seem to every year, spoilt brats – the Small Child included).  They were very excited, huge smiles and expressions of surprise over the piles and piles of cool stuff.  House Azerbaijan has caught up to the 21st century and is now in the not so elite Wii club complete with Zelda and the Twilight Princess of  recent shopping disaster fame so everyone seems very happy with their wash.  Honestly there was more stuff flying around than you could poke a stick at which again has me rolling my eyes about the waste of it all.

Lunch was fun… roast lamb, scalloped potatoes, fresh vegies, apple crumble, champagne, daggy Christmas crackers the whole shebang.   And all was well with the world.  Shrug.  Go figure.  😐

I have no idea if Mom-in-law had as great a day as appearances would indicate, or if she bitched all the way home about her Christmas rules not being followed to a tee and was underneath it all maintaining the rage over having her apple cart over turned.  Outwardly at least all was smiles and happiness.

So… yay for us.  Mission accomplished.  Christmas Day over without the necessity of calling in a criminal forensics team… much to my surprise.

(Now we can forget the whole thing again until next year…. sigh.)

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