Oh “G” shucks, meester.

Okay the lists are getting harder and harder.  Not looking forward to the remaining vowels :S 

List of 10 Things I Like That Start With “G”….

1.   Gilt frames – mirrors, prints, paintings, photo frames etc
2.   Graphics tablets – makes life sooo much easier
3.   Gold Class Cinemas – comfy chairs and frozen cokes w~bourbon
4.   Guacamole – it’s the simple things in life…
5.   Glassware – needs must have the right glass for the right drink
6.   Grosse Point Blank – one of my favourite movies ever.
7.   Glow worm caves – dark, cool, quiet except for a distant drip
8.   Göreme – amazing little place in Kapadokya
9.   Graph paper – it’s safer not to ask
10. Google –  It’s common place around here to jump on the PC to find out or confirm ‘stuff’…    Need to make a point over a dinner party debate?  Just Google it.  Want to know what Sarah Palin’s latest gaffs have been?  Google!  How about what a Rhesus Monkey looks like?  Or how to surreptitiously kill your neighbour’s annoying tree*?  Get hire car prices in Istanbul?  Investigate the mating habits of a dugong?  Make a Mongolian Yurt?  Find the perfect recipe for marijuana jam drops?  It’s all there right at our fingertips.  What on earth did we do before the internets !!!
graph paper

List of 10 Things I Hate or Dislike That Start With “G”
1.  Grocery shopping – save me from the tedium that is filling the pantry
2.  Game Cube etc – responsible for Vitamin D deficiency in our youth
3.  Goats – apparently one should always draw the line at goats
4.  Girly problems – oh dear God shoot me back in ’99
5.  Guinness – fine if you like carbonated molasses which I do not
6.  Graffitti – disrespectful on so many levels… especially if it’s obscene
7.  Glamour puss photography – totally tacky and trite
8.  Green – not my colour… not in my decorating my wardrobe
9.  God botherers – don’t mind if you’ve got God, just don’t inflict it on me
10.  Gossip – Everybody does it.  I think it’s just human nature to discuss mutual acquaintances and see what your friends are up to.  Hell it is probably the entire reason Facebook and other social networking sites exist.  But I can not abide unsubstantiated or deliberately malicious gossip that has no ground in facts – it’s destructive and pernicious and often leads to nasty consequences that unfortunately never seem to fall on the gossiper.  Strangely I don’t usually mind if I hear people have been gossipping about me… so long as they stick to the to truth.

* Not that we’d ever do such a thing of course.

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