Sea words.

“C” is for Cookie that’s good enough for me.  Poor old Cookie Monster.  He used to be able to Nom, Nom, Nom his way through his skits and now he has to lecture about cookies being a ‘sometimes food’.  Tis a sad state of affairs when even Cookie Monster has had to curtail his joie de vivre to satisfy political correctness.

Last week’s “B’s” (yeah it was also BS) were fun so here are my “C” words  🙂

10 Things I Like That Start With “C”….

1.   Colour co-ordination – it’s the mile wide anal retentive streak  K
2.   Cinema – love going to the movies but hate noisy cinema patrons.
3.   Cherry Crush – fav Revlon nail polish for nails that shine like justice.
4.   Canon EOS cameras – we love you for being backwards compatible.
5.   Custom jewellery – unique and individual pieces not manufactured crap.
6.   Crème brulee  – cracking the sugar to get the vanilla bean goodness.
7.   Clean house – it’s nice to be able to find everything where you left it.
8.   Chips, Chips – by Stan Getz… for the perfect humorous chase.
9.   Caesar salad – extra anchovies please.
10. Collecting stuff – I used to collect shiny things and rocks from family holidays (the past tense here is probably a lie… I bought home a rock from Gallipolli last year) but now if I start collecting something I NEED to have the set… be it books, DVDs, Super Mario figurines or Bob the Builder trucks for the Small Child.  Once I have one I have to get them all.


10 Things I Hate or Dislike That Start With “C” List

1.  C word – if I ever use the “C” word you know I’m as pissed off as I get.
2.  Coke – can’t stomach the stuff anymore tastes like battery acid.
3.  Car accidents – the awareness of impending impact is awful.
4.  Chocolate – don’t really like. Not in bars, blocks, biscuits or cakes… bleurk.
5.  Civic Art – an awful lot of it just seems to be trying too hard.
6.  Computer death – can make you feel so impotent and disconnected.
7.  Children – it’s uncharitable but I’ve little patience for ‘other people’s kids’
8.  Coffee – smells awful and tastes even worse.
9.  Cash – I rarely carry much cash and hate it when I suddenly need it.
10.  Christmas – I detest the Christmas season.  I hate the rushing around buying random stuff for people that they either don’t want or don’t need.  I hate Christmas Carols in the shopping centres.  I hate Christmas cards arriving in the mail.  I hate the Christmas grocery shopping and the aisles all stuffed full of crap you don’t need.  I love the family get together but wish we could just ditch the gifts it’s a fucking rort designed to make us  Buy!  Buy!  Buy!

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