Once again (the) Fox screws the Pooch

I’ve been watching New Amsterdam.  It’s a TV show about a modern day New York homicide detective John Amsterdam (played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) who is basically immortal.  He was gifted (or cursed) with immortality in his early 20s in the year 1642.  Which means he’s wandering around New York City at the ripe old age of 366 solving homicides.  Naturally having lived for so long, he brings a wealth of life experience to his job and more knowledge of local history than should be possible.  There’s a wide scope for story lines connecting to his past… past employment, past relationships, children he’s had, places he’s been and things he experienced centuries ago.

So why, oh why, after barely eight episodes, has Fox canceled it?  I hate it when they do that.  You get interested in a show, start to get a feel for the premise, begin to enjoy or empathize with the characters and then…. yoink!  Studio pulls it… never to be seen again. 

The bastards. 

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