Help… I’m covered in “B”s!!!

Last week’s letter meme starting with the letter A forced me to sit and think about things that I actually LIKE… compared to sitting here whinging about things that I inherently DISLIKE.  I have no idea why it seems to easy to come up with lists of things that annoy me and it takes a bit of an effort to think of things that I do like.  Weird.

Maybe it means that I’m a ‘glass is half empty’ sort of person with a naturally pessimistic outlook or maybe it’s one of those human nature things…. you know… like when you’re girlfriends are happy in their relationships they hardly ever say boo about how wonderful He is… but they’re right there ready to gripe and whinge the minute He puts a foot out of line.  We’re just all too quick to criticize maybe.  Shrug… who knows?!?

List of 10 Things I Like That Start With “B”….

1.   Books – I could spend hours and thousands in a good bookshop.
2.   BBC News – news which recognizes the existence of ‘other’ countries.
3.   Bees – industrious, productive, fiercely protective and cute 🙂
4.   Banking online – God bless the internets for sparing us bank queues.
5.   Bad Taste Bears – absurd juxtapositions of cute bear + adult concepts
6.   Bert Kaempfert – a family dinner isn’t a family dinner without him.
7.   Bourbon – especially good in a Frozen Coke at the cinema.
8.   Blogging – it began as a purgative vehicle and it’s still frequently cathartic.
9.   Butchers – a successful butcher always has a knack with the ladies.
10. Blackboys – but we’re not supposed to call them that any more, they’re supposed to be called ‘Giant Grass Trees’ but either way you look at it – a spade is a spade is a spade… and a Xanthorrhoea Australis is a Blackboy.


List of 10 Things I Hate or Dislike That Start With “B” List

1.  Back pain – no surprise there.
2.  Burnt toast – it’s a little thing, but pisses me off.
3.  Breakfast radio – less mind numbing crap; more music and traffic please.
4.  Boobs – or rather the men that insist on talking to them and not my face.
5.  Bank fees –charging us for just being customers is so rude.
6.  Bratz – dolls for pre teen girls dressed up like cheap skanky hookers.
7.  Bad drivers – should all be lined up and shot. Period.
8.  Bra shopping – never pretty bras for the busty… bullet proof only.
9.  Broccoli smell – can’t face it since it made me upchuck during pregnancy.
10.  Bathroom etiquette – or rather a lack thereof.  I positively loathe when people try to converse with me while I am in the bathroom as there is usually scant little of any import occurring that is so urgent that can’t wait.  Short of an imminent unexpected visit from Vin Diesel or someone equally fabulous, surely it’s not too much to ask to be able to expect an iota of privacy in the small room.

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